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Equipment Demonstrations
Sometimes photos just don't illustrate the usefulness or purpose of the product. To see our dependable and time-saving products in action or if Tree Equipment Design Inc.'s products fit your needs, please view* or download** the sample videos.

Red Boss Tree Spade  View Red Boss Tree Spade Movie View (1:47 Minutes)  Download Red Boss Tree Spade Movie Download (6.5 MB)
With Red Boss Tree Spade, you eliminate the time-consuming task of changing loader sizes every time you need to increase ball capacity. You can dig, lift, and transport all in a single assigned work project.
Tree Boss  View Tree Boss Movie View (1:29 Minutes)  Download Tree Boss Movie Download (5.4 MB)
The Tree Boss® loads and unloads balled trees off trailers with ease. It is controlled from the operator's seat with electrical hand switches, which are mounted on your forward/back lever on your skid steer loader.
Tree Planter  View Tree Planter Movie View (1:02 Minutes)  Download Tree Planter Movie Download (3.6 MB)
Tree Equipment Design manufactures three models of Tree Planters: One Seat, Two Seat or Shade Tree Planters. A highly versatile transplanter is the answer to all your planting problems.
Tree Tie/Tree Baler  View Tree Tie/Tree Baler Movie View (1:29 Minutes)  Download Tree Tie/Tree Baler Movie Download (5.4 MB)
Tree Baling allows a user to bale a standing tree with string such that its branches are inwardly compressed to allow for ease of moving and transport of the tree.

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