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Red Boss Red Boss Red Boss
Red Boss Red Boss Red Boss
Red Boss Red Boss Red Boss
Made In USA
Important Ordering Information!
Before you place your order for your Red Boss Tree Spade, please take a look at how we go about measuring for sizing the Tree Spade:
  1. The starting point would be when your spade shovels are down which means your spade is closed.
  2. As shown in the photos, we measure widest point from top of spade shovels.
Step #1 Step #2 Step #3

With Red Boss Tree Spade, you eliminate the time-consuming task of changing loader sizes every time you need to increase ball capacity. You can dig, lift, and transport all in a single assigned work project; therefore, increasing production and decreasing labor costs at the same time.

The self-sharpening blades are tempered steel and get harder every time you use the Tree Spade. Spades will dig the advertised ball sizes. Blades will never need sharpening! The majority of tree spades on the market today will always need sharpening.

Please use the following links to view: Additional features include:

All of these features make the Red Boss Tree Spade the ideal choice for your landscape and nursery needs.

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